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Soft4Leasing Release SL55

Soft4Leasing Release SL55

De nieuwe Soft4Leasing release komt eraan!

In SL55 zullen nieuwe features en functionaliteiten toegevoegd worden, zoals een nieuwe eSignatures module met eSignLive service integratie en de nieuwe module: Borrowings, een module die leningen bijhoudt. Ook zijn eerder toegevoegde functies verbeterd. Deze nieuwe versie biedt dus veel nieuwe opties en opent nieuwe perspectieven voor het gebruik van Soft4Leasing, vooral met het gebruik van eSignatures.

Bekijk hier alles wat de SL55 inhoudt!

What’s new


The following features and functionality will be introduced with the S4Leasing version SL55.

  1. New module eSignature includes integration with eSignLive service to support electronic signatures for asset finance deals. (Module S4L.ESGN). The module allows the following:
  • Generate documents to be signed from document templates and assign responsible persons(signers) for signature. The documents include placeholders for signatures together with signers info (name, email);
  • Several prepared documents regarding one lease contract can be wrapped up to a single package. The package is referred to the EsignLive service;
  • EsignLive service starts the process of signatures collection: they distribute the package to the signers by email. The email contains a link with a reference to the documents pending for signature. Soft4Leasing constantly chechs and updates status of the sent packages and related signers. Once all the signatures are collected, the package is treated as completed.
  • Soft4Leasing downloads the completed packages from the service. Downloaded documents are attached to the Documents section of an applciation.
  • Signing process is linked with the application statuses „Pending eSignature“ and „Signed eSignature“.

2. New module Borrowings. The module allows loans tracking on a General Ledger level, make repayments to funders (most often banks) and forecast interest future expenses. (Module S4L.BOR).

3. New module to allow variable interest component attaching to the contracts and loans.

(Module S4L.INTF). The module allows variable interest component attaching to Contracts and Loans. Most often, it is 3, 6 or 12 month EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate). Variable interest change periodical activity is included also and can update interest rate on the Contracts and Loans when the variable interest change date comes.

4. Improved Asset Variation functionality, now allows more flexibility for equipment lessors, e.g.

to modify Lease or Loan by adding, removing or swapping underlying assets.

5. Added Sales Order link to Financial Application, to support retail sales financing scenarios and sales-type leases.